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Analytica EBC - Yeast subculturing for short-term storage

3.4.2 - Yeast subculturing for short-term storage

  • 25/10/2018
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  • Yeast Analysis
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This method describes the storage of brewing yeast strains for short periods of time (up to 6 months) in the laboratory. Changes in brewing yeast genotype following maintenance of the strains by repeated subculturing have been reported to influence yeast brewing performance. Preservation of the original properties of the stored yeasts in the long term is only recommended at ultra-low temperatures. For short-term storage (up to 6 months), other methods are available that allow safe and simple management of strains in the lab. Repeated subculturing for preservation of brewing yeast should be totally avoided. Descriptors: yeast subculturing for short-term storage.

It is necessary to use EBC Microbology 3.4.1

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