It is possible for anyone, brewer, brewing companies, non-brewers, whether you are a member of one of The Brewers of Europe’s national association or not, to subscribe to BrewUp’s newsletter and alert system that will keep you informed on any event added to the agenda, to any new publication or update published for free or for members on BrewUp. This subscription service is free but requires you to create an account and leave your contact details.

BrewUp’s content can be accessed through BrewUp’s website. Part of the content is available for free and can be accessed by anyone. Not all information is for free. To access all information membership of a national trade association is required.  The list of national associations that are member of The Brewers of Europe is available here. Check the list to see whether your brewing company is member of one of these associations. 

If your brewing company is member of one of the Brewers of Europe’s national associations, you shall first register and create a user account here (the procedure is really easy!). Then, you can access the full BrewUp content either by logging in (and then browsing through BrewUp) or by browsing on BrewUp and clicking on the content you’re looking for and log in at that stage.

The working language of The Brewers of Europe’s Secretariat is English and consequently content developed for BrewUp is only available in English. However, The Brewers of Europe’s National Association can also post content on BrewUp, which explains why some content is available in other languages than English. Please note this is not systematic and relies on members’ inputs.

BrewUp provides for a large spectrum of documents and content that are relevant to brewers: guidance notes explaining European regulation impacting the day-to-day run of a brewery, overview of the regulatory and self-regulatory situations in the different European countries with regards to marketing rules, excise duty regime, labelling requirements…, latest statistics on beer production, consumption, import and exports in and outside the European Union, the best practices in brewing technologies and techniques throughout Europe, practical help to smaller brewers to develop their business and improve their practices….

BrewUp is a central knowledge portal at European level that is aimed at brewers and breweries, but also at the larger brewing community. It gathers under one roof practical and theoretical information that will help brewers and breweries to better brew and market their beers and also advocate to defend the beer category.

BrewUp’s content is produced either by The Brewers of Europe’s and EBC’s (European Brewery Convention) Secretariat, by third-parties contracted by The Brewers of Europe or on the basis of direct inputs from The Brewers of Europe’s members.

Guidance is provided by The Brewers of Europe’s internal bodies that orientates the work of the Secretariat through a yearly work plan. Technical expertise and feedbacks are provided by The Brewers of Europe’s network of experts and national associations.

BrewUp is an initiative from The Brewers of Europe. Based in Brussels, The Brewers of Europe brings together national brewers’ associations from 29 European countries and provides a voice to represent the united interests of Europe’s 7500 breweries. The Brewers of Europe promotes the positive role played by beer and the brewing sector in Europe and advocates the creation of the right conditions to allow brewers to continue to freely, cost-effectively and responsibly brew and market beer across Europe. The Brewers of Europe’s Secretariat is in charge of the daily management of BrewUp. Mathieu Schneider, Public Affairs Manager, is the lead officer in charge of BrewUp.

BrewUp has been designed to service Europe’s brewers and breweries, irrespective of their size or their experience. In the different sections of BrewUp, there is content that matches the different needs and expectations of any brewer. Whilst not all content will be relevant to all brewers, every brewer will be able to find content relevant for his/her brewery and brewing skills. Only brewer and brewing companies who are member of one of The Brewers of Europe’s national association can accessed the full BrewUp’s content.

The larger brewing community, including the whole value chain (i.e. malt producers, hops producers, yeast producers, suppliers, distributors…) can also find interesting content on BrewUp, depending on their interest centres. Access to the full BrewUp content is however restricted to brewers and brewing companies only, providing they are member of one of The Brewers of Europe’s national associations.

The Brewers of Europe only allows one trade association per country to join. This rule applies since the creation of The Brewers of Europe in 1958. A list of trade association by country can be found here.

Some documents are available to anyone, some documents are restricted for members only.

National Trade Associations offer a lot of services to brewers who are domiciliated in their country, ranging from regulatory support, practical advice on best available brewing technologies to outreach to national food authorities and national governments. Services may vary from a country to another and a national association to another. They also include membership to The Brewers of Europe, full access to BrewUp and a discount access to The Brewers of Europe’s Forum (, the first brewing sector gathering and exhibition in Europe, featuring educational seminars, a trade show and unparalleled networking opportunities

BrewUp’s content will help you BREW better beers, MARKET your products more effectively in markets where you are already active as well as in new markets, inside and/or outside the European Union and ADVOCATE more proudly for the beer category at national, European and international levels. It will provide you with a large amount of concrete tools on brewing techniques, beer quality, regulatory aspects, business insights that will help you to flourish your business further.

national associations

Only national associations can be members of The Brewers of Europe. Individual brewer or brewery cannot become direct member of The Brewers of Europe. By joining a national trade association, itself member of The Brewers of Europe, brewers and breweries can become indirect members of The Brewers of Europe.

Should you wish to join a national association that is member of The Brewers of Europe and through which you will get full access to BrewUp, you should first identify the country in which your brewery is located, then contact the respective national association that is member of The Brewers of Europe (see the list here) and then join the association. Information on membership conditions and fees can be found either on our national associations’ webpage, or on the national association website or by contacting the national association directly.