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The European reference Analytical Methods
for breweries by EBC

About Analytica EBC

The Analytica EBC are targeted at beer masters, brewing professionals, biologists, packaging experts, suppliers of technical equipment or of raw materials (malt, cereals, water, hops, yeasts, adjuncts, process aids…), beer tasters, brewing institutes, universities and students… from the entire brewing industry and the value chain.

The Analytica EBC are developed and tested by brewing and value chain experts involved in the activities of the EBC Analysis Group and its six sub-committees (Barley & Malt, Beer & Wort, Hops, Microbiology, Packaging, Sensory). The development of new or the updates of methods may require validation through collaborative trials (also called ring test). Methods are sometimes developed as or upgraded into International Method through collaboration with the ASBC (the American Society of Brewing Chemists) in the United States.

In case you would like to join one of the sub-committees and add your expertise, please contact the EBC at

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How to cite Analytica EBC?

The EBC recommends using the following format to cite Analytica EBC: "EBC ANALYTICA, Number and Title of the Method, year, publication date, accessed on [Date of Access], link"

For example, if you wish to cite Method "4.3.1 - Total Nitrogen of Malt: Kjeldahl Method (IM)" that you have accessed on 11 January 2021, please cites as follows: "EBC Analytica, 4.3.1 - Total Nitrogen of Malt: Kjeldahl Method (IM), 2004, 22 October 2018, accessed on 11 January 2021,"

In case you have any question on how to cite the Analytica EBC, please contact us as

Classification of Methods

Analytica EBC methods on
  • International Method (IM)
    Method validated by both the EBC and ASBC
  • Validated Method (VM)*
    Method validated through a collaborative trial performed by the EBC network
  • Guideline Method (GM)*
    Valid method that could not be tested through a collaborative trial
  • Archived Method (AM)
    Method that has been archived and is not updated anymore

“Validated Method” and “Guideline Method” are two classifications that were adopted by the EBC in 2018 and that are applied to methods created or updated after the adoption of this classification.

Methods without indications are methods which existed before the adoption of the new classification and that were not assigned a classification according to the new classification system.