Analytica EBC - Yeast Storage at Ultra-Low Temperatures

3.4.1 - Yeast Storage at Ultra-Low Temperatures

  • 25/10/2018
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  • Yeast Analysis
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  • 2011

The laboratory storage of brewing yeast stocks cultures over a number of years. It has been demonstrated that the genetic stability and survival of brewing yeast strains are optimal after cryopreservation at ultra-low temperatures (below -139 °C) compared to other preservation methods. The cultures may be stored in plastic tubes or straws. The present method describes the preservation in polypropylene straws under liquid nitrogen or in mechanical freezers. Descriptors: yeast storage at ultra-low temperatures, cryoprotectant agent, long-term storage, cryopreservation,  dehydration, osmotic imbalance, intracellular ice.