Analytica EBC | Malt | 4.24 - Gushing potential of barley malt


Analytica EBC - Gushing potential of barley malt

4.24 - Gushing potential of barley malt

  • 30/03/2023
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  • 2023

For the last ten years, an increasing percentage of European barley malt samples have shown a tendency to create “gushing” beer. The gushing factors are believed to involve surface active molecules that form a layer around carbon dioxide bubbles present in beer, preventing these bubbles from re-solubilising and resulting in the over-foaming of the beer when opened. According to studies, this gushing phenomenon may be triggered by Fusarium infection. It appears to be highly complex and might be due to numerous factors. However, the mechanism is not fully explained yet.

The current method was adapted of the Modified Carlsberg Method with the help of the experts of “Barley & Malt” subcommittee experts.