Analytica EBC - Bitter compounds in dry-hopped beer by HPLC (IM)

9.50 - Bitter compounds in dry-hopped beer by HPLC (IM)

  • 18/11/2020
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  • Beer
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  • IM
  • 2020

This method specifies a high performance liquid chromatographic technique for the simultaneous determination of iso-α-acids (Iso), humulinones (Hum) and α-acids (Alpha) in beer. It is recommended for dry hopped beers containing humulinones (and α-acids) in addition to iso-α-acids. Due to coelution of humulinones (or α-acids) and reduced iso-α-acids (Rho, Tetra, Hexa, see method EBC 9.47.1), this method is not recommended for the analysis of beers containg reduced iso-α-acids. This method was validated for the determination of humulinones and iso-α-acids in beer. The method is not a validated method for determination of α-acids , but can be used as a guideline method for the determination of α-acids