BrewUp Magazine Issue 5 - MAY 2023


BrewUp Magazine Issue 5 - MAY 2023

  • MAY 2023

BrewUp Magazine is a biannual publication by The Brewers of Europe, for all European brewers and the beer supply. It covers items of importance for the brewing sector at European and national levels. It is made of contributions by brewers, maltsters, hop growers, national brewing association leaders, technical advisors or policy directors who form the extraordinary brewing family.

The 5th edition focuses on the following topics:

- A feature interview with André Brunnsberg, the President of the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU), on the challenges and opportunities facing European beer consumers and the role of EBCU in advocating for their interests.
- An in-depth exploration of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Reduction Regulation, including its implications for the brewing industry and strategies for compliance. - A series of articles on innovative solutions to sustainability challenges, including initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, promote circular economy, and reduce environmental footprint.
- National news from key brewing countries in Europe, including Poland and Bulgaria.
- Beer trends reports of 2022
- And many more ...

The next edition of BrewUp Magazine will be published on 15 November 2023.

In Focus

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  • Diversity and inclusion at the heart of society and of the brewing sector