BrewUp Magazine Issue 3 - MAY 2022


BrewUp Magazine Issue 3 - MAY 2022

  • MAY 2022

BrewUp Magazine is a biannual publication by The Brewers of Europe, for all European brewers and the beer supply. It covers items of importance for the brewing sector at European and national levels. It is made of contributions by brewers, maltsters, hop growers, national brewing association leaders, technical advisors or policy directors who form the extraordinary brewing family.

The new issue focuses on the following topics:

- The impact of the war in Ukraine on the brewing sector, on short- and medium-term
- Multiple anniversaries in the Bulgarian brewing communities
- The programme of the Brewers Forum & 38th EBC Congress
- The BBC Storyworks “Brewing Ambition” Series
- A contribution by MEP Hannes Heide on Austria’s “Wirtshaus” culture
- Sustainability initiatives (in Denmark and Bulgaria)
- And many more...

It gathers contributions from national brewers associations, First Key Consulting, the BBC Storyworks, MEP Hannes Heide (Austria) and brewing companies. The 3rd edition of BrewUp Magazine will be printed and distributed at the Brewers Forum and EBC Congress in Madrid, 29 May – 01 June 2022.

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