As of 01 January 2019 Analytica EBC on BrewUp

The European reference Analytical Methods
for breweries by EBC!

As of 01 January 2019 on BrewUp

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Subscription scheme

109/ year

Yearly subscription

  • Individual yearly subscription
    with full access
    to all EBC Methods
    for 109€

    (excl. VAT)!
from €69/ user / year


  • 2 to 5 accounts for 69€
    (excl. VAT) / user
  • 6 to 10 accounts for 59€
    (excl. VAT) / user
  • More than 11 accounts for 54€
    (excl. VAT) / user
29/ method

Pay as you go

  • You can also
    purchase individual
    methods at a unitary
    price of 29€

    (excl. VAT)!

How can I subscribe?

Analytica EBC methods on

To access the Analytica EBC, please:

Create your BrewUp account here:

Once created, please login and fill in the invoicing data in your customer account profile

Either subscribe to the Analytica EBC or purchase individual methods like in any other e-shop!

Special cases!

  • You already have a BrewUp account? Please go directly to step 2 of the above!
  • The company you are working for used to have multi-accounts or wishes to get multi-user account? Please identify a contact person: he/she should contact us directly at with a list and the contact details of the staff members that should benefit from an access to the Analytica EBC. Your BrewUp team will stay in contact with that person and will make sure you get access to the EBC Analytica very soon;
  • You currently hold a subscription (that will expire in 2019) to the Analytica EBC through the services of Fachverlag Hans Carl? Fachverlag will contact you soon to inform you about the transfer of your data to BrewUp. BrewUp will then create your customer account and you will receive an email informing you how to proceed to continue accessing the Analytica EBC.

Important questions

Your last name, first name, company name, country, address (mail and physical) as well as a password are requested to create a customer account. Once you’ll have created your account, you will be able to chose between the yearly subscription and the purchase of individual methods.
Subscriptions: subscriptions are valid for one full year (starting at the date of subscription) and they give access to all EBC Methods. Subscriptions can be renewed on a yearly basis. New methods as well as updated Methods created during your subscription period will be available. Subscriptions are personalized: users’ details shall not be communicated to third-parties (they have to subscribe to access the EBC Methods).
Purchase of individual methods: customers purchasing individual methods can purchase and download them from their customer account. They will remain available for 30 days after the purchase has been performed. Purchased methods shall not be communicated to third-parties (they have to purchase them).
Hans Carl Fachverlag will soon get in touch with you to inform you on the procedure that will guarantee your full access to the new Analytica EBC on BrewUp until your subscription expires. This procedure includes the transfer from Fachverlag Hans Carl to BrewUp of the customer data that are necessary for BrewUp to create your customer account and allow your access to the Analytica EBC until your current subscription exhausts.