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Beer Filtration and Stabilisation

Beer Filtration and Stabilisation on

The EBC Manuals of Good Practice have been targeted for a re-vamp! After consultations both within the EBC and the wider network of brewers, the decision was reached to start a process of reviewing the outdated Manuals. The Filtration & Stabilisation manual is now in print in its completely revised form, both in terms of content and in terms of look ‘n feel. Technically, there have been a lot of developments in beer filtration. With the arrival of affordable membrane technology the need for an assessment and inclusion into the manual became an important goal; together with a thorough overhaul of the existing chapters on depth filtration in its many forms ie. kieselguhr, perlite, cellulose and others. The newly revised EBC Manual of Good Practice Filtration and Stabilisation represents a most valuable addition to the current state of knowledge and practical application of filtration technologists, process engineers and brewers operating in the beer production environment.

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The Analytica EBC are targeted at beer masters, brewing professionals, biologists, packaging experts, suppliers of technical equipment or of raw materials (malt, cereals, water, hops, yeasts, adjuncts, process aids…), beer tasters, brewing institutes, universities and students… from the entire brewing industry and the value chain.

The Analytica EBC are developed and tested by brewing and value chain experts involved in the activities of the EBC Analysis Group and its six sub-committees (Barley & Malt, Beer & Wort, Hops, Microbiology, Packaging, Sensory). The development of new or the updates of methods may require validation through collaborative trials (also called ring test). Methods are sometimes developed as or upgraded into International Method through collaboration with the ASBC (the American Society of Brewing Chemists) in the United States.

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